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Responsive and Supportive Infant Sleep Consultant

hi! i am nadia the sunrise sleep coach and i provide responsive support for all infant sleep challenges

If you are searching for a Pediatric Sleep Consultant to support, guide and help you to resolve the sleep challenge you are facing and not leave your baby to cry, you are in the right place. My approach is focused on attachment, love and care. I don't use any sleep training or separation based methods including cry it out or Ferber method and the families I work with still get fantastic results.

You do not need to leave your baby to cry to sleep better.

Baby, child and autism sleep coach

I have years of experience working with sleep deprived families, just like you, and have been there myself. Whether you're experiencing sleepless nights, bedtime battles, sporadic sleep schedules and everything in between, I've got you.


When sleep deprivation takes over, it's so hard to enjoy parenting. When my twins were born I was exhausted, confused and overwhelmed. I knew I needed help but I couldn't find anything out there that I felt comfortable with and I didn't want to just leave my babies to cry. 

In a nutshell...

I'm based in Staffordshire, UK. I live with my Wife and our twin girls. I am around children all day everyday as I also teach baby signing in my local area which I love.


Here are a few facts about me:

  • Love a good walk

  • Singing makes me smile

  • Unapologetic Elvis fan

  • Serious icecream lover

  • Big imagination

  • Podcast listener

  • Keen gardener

  • Big on family and friendship

I have a Sleep Consultant CPD accreditation and  an OCN Level 4 Gentle Sleep Practitioner certification. I have a BA (Hons) degree, an Enhanced DBS and a Level 1 in Safeguarding. I am also fully insured.

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Sleep Coach based in Tamworth

Sleep Coach based in Lichfield

Sleep Consultant in Tamworth

Sleep Consultant in Lichfield

I am really passionate about ensuring parents don't feel pressured into changing their parenting choices, whether that be breastfeeding, co-sleeping, bed sharing, cuddling to sleep and so on.​

You and your family CAN sleep better without changing these things.

You won't hear me recommending...

  • Cry it out or any controlled crying method of sleep training

  • Ferber method sleep training

  • To go cold turkey on night feeding or breastfeeding

  • Anything that goes against your parenting choices or anything you are not comfortable with

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these things grind my gears...

"Is your baby sleeping through the night yet?"

"Is he a good sleeper?"

"Is she not sleeping through?"

Raise your hand if you have felt pressure for your baby to a be a 'good sleeper'... me too! What does that even mean?! 

As a parent and a sleep coach, please ignore these daft questions and take that pressure off.  

For me, I want your baby to sleep to their best of their ability; both developmentally and physically. Sleeping through is not the goal. I want your baby to ask for you when they need you but I also want your baby to feel safe, secure and comfortable in their sleep space. Once this happens, better sleep comes naturally.

A free gift from
me to you...

Need some help but not quite sure where to start...

here is a little gift from me to you that you can download,

straight to your inbox.

Choose from '5 Secrets of a Sleep Coach' - an ebook with

my secret ingredients for a better night's sleep.

Or 'That Gentle Sleep Guide' - an ebook to give you confidence that you can continue to be a gentle parent and work on strategies to improve sleep in your family.

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Mother and Baby

In need of just 5 minutes to reset and relax? I have created something that I am so proud of. Something that is just for you, the busy parent.

5 Minute Moments - The Parent Podcast

Listen now and enjoy a moment for you.

feeling exhausted and unsure where to start with your newborn?

Do you have a fussy newborn at night? Or a newborn that seems to be allergic to sleep?!  My Newborn service is ideal if you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and want to put healthy foundations in place. This includes newborn sleep schedules, newborn bedtime routines, safe sleep advice, sleep needs and loads of newborn sleep tips.


And it starts with a free, informal 15 minute chat with me (and when I say informal I mean baby on boob, messy Mum bun or PJs at noon are all beyond fine with me!)

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